GOEBEL IMS Slitter Rewinder for the Battery Separator Film (BSF) Market

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GOEBEL IMS Slitter Rewinder for the Battery Separator Film (BSF) Market

As the battery market experiences a significant advancement, driven by the rapidly increasing need for electric vehicles (EVs), industry experts foresee tremendous growth in the coming years. Central to this expansion is the need for advanced battery separator films (BSF), a critical component in lithium-ion batteries. With the battery market projected to grow exponentially, the demand is estimated to reach approximately 50,000 Mm2 by 2030, necessitating additional production lines.

In reaction to this changing scenario, GOEBEL IMS proposes INTERSLIT BSF, a specialized slitter rewinder designed to efficiently and reliably handle ultra-sensitive materials, including battery separator films based on wet processed BOPE. INTERSLIT BSF is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and automation to optimize the slitting and rewinding process, enhancing productivity while minimizing downtime. The machine boasts a working width of up to 7000 mm, a slitting speed of up to 300 m/min, and features such as a shaftless unwinder (for unwind diameter up to 1000 mm) and a rewind diameter up to 450 mm.

With 170 years of expertise, GOEBEL IMS has tailored the INTERSLIT BSF to meet the specific needs of the battery industry. The slitter offers different design options, including a compact version with an integrated unwinder or a bridge design that accommodates web cleaning and inspection. Reliability is a hallmark of the INTERSLIT BSF, minimizing disruptions in production and ensuring a consistent, high-quality output.

Designed exclusively for film production, the machine’s optimized configuration enables precise processing of various film types and their specific requirements, particularly those considered ultra-sensitive. The efficiency and reliability of the INTERSLIT BSF contribute to cost-effectiveness and the production of high-quality films, making it an attractive choice for industries with elevated economic demands. Positioned as a cutting-edge solution, the INTERSLIT BSF is ready to play a crucial role in the continued growth and success of the battery market.


INTERSLIT BSF at a glance:

  • Modular configuration for customer-specific applications
  • Different machine designs available: compact machine with integrated unwinder or bridge design
  • Innovative “all-driven concept” ensuring precision in web tension control and processing of delicate films
  • Digital AC drive technology with highly efficient energy recovery design to reduce operational costs
  • Effortless fully automatic station positioning and semi-automatic knife adjustment (full automation available on demand)

To explore more about our cutting-edge solutions, visit the website https://goebel-ims.com/en/product/interslit-bsf/

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