The compact slitter rewinder XTRASLIT 2 offers cutting-edge technology for the converting of metallized films, packaging films as well as sensitive papers. It guarantees outstanding efficiency and winding quality due to the unique GOEBEL IMS slitting and winding...read more

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Machine Description

Compact slitter rewinder for outstanding efficiency and quality

The compact slitter rewinder XTRASLIT 2 offers cutting-edge technology for the converting of metallized films, packaging films as well as sensitive papers. It guarantees outstanding efficiency and winding quality due to the unique GOEBEL IMS slitting and winding solution.

Discover the advantages of this slitter rewinder:

  • Designed to convert packaging films, metallized films, capacitor films, optical films, composite materials as well as technical papers and specialty papers
  • Compact design for minimum space requirements
  • Modular configuration with broad range of individual technical features
  • User-friendly, low-maintenance machine concept for minimized downtime
  • Fulfills latest safety requirements

The XTRASLIT 2 allows a minimum slitting width of 180 mm, is designed for a working width of up to 3,600 mm and can convert material thicknesses between 2 and 400 µm. In the process, the system permits a speed of up to 1,200 m/min, depending on the material.

Setting trends with energy efficiency and Profinet control

The modern and refined design as well as the user-friendly, low-maintenance machine concept, in which all cabinets and control panels are already integrated in the machine frame, allow maximum performance and safety in a minimum of space. The digital AC drive technology from Siemens has the lowest noise level and ensures an efficient use of energy. Through the Profinet control concept, faster data transmission rates and a higher machine performance are achieved while downtime can be minimized due to improved diagnostics and extended analytical functions. The installation at the customer site takes place via plug and play.

Extensive customizations feasible due to modular machine concept

The modular machine concept with a large number of individual technical features allows particular flexibility. The XTRASLIT 2 can be equipped with a trim suction unit as well as with trim rewinders. To increase torque for the handling of large finished rolls, up to six rewind arms can be coupled.

The machine covers almost any customer requirement and can be configured in any way requested – from an economic basic model to advanced, fully-automatic custom designs. The machine’s slitting options are just as flexible and allow individual slitting modules, such as razorblade cut (in-groove/ in-air), burst cut and shear cuts (wrap-around or tangential). Due to this individual adaption to material properties, high precision and excellent quality of the finished rolls are guaranteed.

The unwind tension can be separated from the rewind tension with the unique GOEBEL IMS wrap-around angle of more than 450° on two consecutive rollers in the web travel. Both features guarantee premium results in converting a wide range of packaging, metallized and tobacco films as well as flexible packaging materials and sensitive papers. In addition, coated papers, SD, inkjet and thermal papers, technical papers as well as self-adhesive laminates and composite materials can be converted. This turns the XTRASLIT 2 into the innovative all-rounder among the slitting and rewinding machines of GOEBEL IMS.

Application of the XTRASLIT 2 in the converting of thick film

Recently a slitter rewinder and winding machine for converting BOPET films with a thickness of up to 350 µm was successfully put into operation. PET films are suitable for many fields of application thanks to their characteristics and are for example also used in optical products. Using a standard slitter rewinder was not possible due to the extremely sensitive surface of the films. For this reason, a custom- made machine concept was developed based on the XTRASLIT 2.

Customized slitting and winding solutions for the converting of thick film

The XTRASLIT 2 is a universal machine for converting paper, films and packaging materials among many others. Thanks to its strictly modular design concept, the slitter rewinder allows for comprehensive adjustments and extensions for special applications, e.g. thick film. The XTRASLIT 2 can be turned from a secondary into a primary slitter rewinder. For this application the working width can be extended up to 3,800 mm. The material is wound onto steel cores directly from the film production and fed to the XTRASLIT 2 for further processing.

While a simple razor blade is sufficient for cutting thin foils, thicker materials require the use of circular cutters. The extremely sensitive surfaces of thick films are very vulnerable to surface damage during the transport of the film through the machine and during the cutting process. To ensure a scratch-free surface, special roller surfaces were chosen for the XTRASLIT 2 and the roller speeds were optimally adjusted.

Furthermore, the XTRASLIT 2 was modified in a way that the highest quality can be guaranteed throughout the cutting process even for thick polyester films. A tangential shear cut ensures that there is only minimum contact between the film and the cutters during the cutting process. The manually adjustable bottom cutters are positioned on a common shaft, the circumferential speed of which is set to be absolutely slip-free. The geometry of the cutters also ensures that they only come into contact with the film at the point of cutting, thus avoiding any damage to the sensitive surface. Additional technical features of the modified XTRASLIT 2 include a measuring roller for controlling the web tension, a knife de-dusting system in the upstream slitting process as well as special trim handling.

If you are interested in other kinds of industrial applications, the ultra-flexible slitter rewinder XTRASLIT 2 is the right machine. Contact our specialists and ask for your XTRASLIT 2 slitting and winding solution.

Technical Data

Complex materials for labelsup to 800 m/minup to 3,600 mmup to 1,250 mm


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