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The AZ7 is a slitting machine with individual winding arms, specifically designed for liquid food packaging material. read more

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  • Aseptic Packaging

Machine Description

The most productive and efficient slitter specifically designed for aseptic packaging material, with individual winding arms and combined surface and axial winding.

Maximum productivity and automation.

The very high productivity is the main characteristic of the AZ7: the winding section is equipped with individual winding arms and the winding system is combined: surface and centre-driven. The machine is specifically designed to cope with all the needs of converters who produce complex materials for liquid food packaging and features all the most sophisticated automation technology required for this domain.

The AZ7 offers top winding quality and very high speed. The typical web width is 1650 mm, the max rewind diameter is 1250 mm and the max unwind diameter can reach up to 2000 mm. The slitting section may include automatic knife positioning and dust suction system. The minimum slit width is 161 mm and the max working speed is 1200 m/min.

The AZ7 offers, as a standard feature, automatic reel unloading system with servo-driven trolleys to transport the reels out of the machine while tilting and conveyor systems are available as options. The unwinder is also foreseen for semi-automatic reel loading.

The AZ7 represents the highest level of performance and automation in the field of aseptic packaging material production: dozens of AZ7’s are installed around the world at all the most important manufacturers of aseptic packing materials
Additional features:

  • Complete downstream automation including reel tilting, stamping, labelling and transportation.
  • Specific splice table with thermo-welding process, designed specifically for complex materials for liquid food packaging.
  • Fully automatic knife positioning system and facilitated positioning system for the winding arms
  • Turret unwinder with semiautomatic function for speeding up the replacement of the mother roll.
  • Two edge control systems for ensuring extremely precise alignment of the slit to the print.

Technical Data

Complex material for aseptic packaging for liquid foodup to 1,200 m/minup to 1,650 mmup to 1,200 mm


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