GOEBEL IMS celebrates 170 years of machinery solutions for the converting industry and other sectors

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C2 magazine interviewed Saverio Lombardini, Group CEO at IMS TECHNOLOGIES (Calcinate, Italy) on the occasion

C2: Mr Lombardini, this year, GOEBEL IMS looks back at no less than 170 years of company history. Please take us on a trip down memory lane and share with our readers some fascinating facts about the storied past of this brand!

Saverio Lombardini: This year GOEBEL IMS turns 170 years old, an achievement that few companies in our industry can boast. Since 1851 there have been many historical changes that have inevitably changed the world and, in parallel, GOEBEL IMS has evolved and grown to become an international leader in the converting industry. Let me mention some significant historical milestones: in 1851, GOEBEL was established in Darmstadt. Subsequently renamed the Gandenberger’sche Maschinen-Fabrik Georg GOEBEL, the company manufactured presses, pumps and weighing machines. In the same year Léon Foucault demonstrated that the earth rotates around its axis.

1856 saw the delivery of the first specialised machine for paper – Johann Georg Goebel developed, on the basis of his own patents, the first machine for the production of railway tickets. In the same year Antonio Meucci invented the telephone.

In 1883, the first slitter rewinder was launched by GOEBEL and gained worldwide recognition. The company received awards and international attention at world fairs and filed many patent applications. The slitting technology developed in Darmstadt was the very first to allow the production of a genuinely smooth roll face – a unique technology of which GOEBEL is still a master today! GOEBEL won certificates of distinction and gold medals at world exhibitions, attracting the attention of the international market – and the company expanded. Many patent applications were filed over the next few years. At the same time, the Atlanta-based pharmacist John Pemberton registered the trademark for Coca-Cola.

In 1893, several patents were awarded for one of the company’s key inventions – the GOEBEL slitting system. Use of the circular shear slitting process with the strongly wrapped bottom cutter shaft became common property once the patents had expired – and the process is still in use today.

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GOEBEL IMS – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES – new in-line winder for NONWOVEN on C2 cover

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