GOEBEL IMS and Yongguan Group: accomplished the installation of a Monoslit Giant for one of the chinese group leaders in the production of adhesive bopp film tape.

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The installation of a first MONOSLIT GIANT at the Chinese client Yongguan Group is part of an investment plan of over 125 million euros for the creation of a new industrial site for the production of eco-friendly adhesive BOPP film tape.

The industrial plan of Yongguan Group involves the installation of four lines for the production of BOPP film in which GOEBEL IMS slitter rewinders will operate as primary slitters behind the advanced production lines supplied by Brückner Maschinenbau. The production lines are two 10.4 meter and two 8.7 meter wide state of the art lines.

The first machine installed and launched up in early February is a 11 meter MONOSLIT GIANT which can boast a slitting speed of up to 1,500 m per minute. Installation and testing were successful thanks to the collaboration between the technicians of the Chinese and German branches of GOEBEL IMS and the local operators.

The second 11 meter primary slitter will be completed by 2021 while the slitter for the third and fourth lines, both 9 meter wide, will be completed between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

GOEBEL IMS, which this year celebrates its 170th anniversary and which can count on over 11,000 machines sold worldwide, is part of IMS TECHNOLOGIES, a solid and structured group with which it shares the desire to innovate and deep technical knowledge.

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