With 60 years of experience, GOEBEL IMS is the worldwide key supplier of slitting and winding solutions for producers and converters of aseptic packaging materials for liquid food. Since we know that the production process in this sector is highly challenging, we have developed outstanding slitter rewinders that meet the high standards required: state-of-the-art technology with high-end automation for maximum productivity.
In order to meet the hygiene requirements of this specific market, we can provide machines fully equipped with food grade components and even fully electric, completely oil-free versions.

Our wide machine portfolio for liquid food aseptic packaging manufacturers includes:

  • Slitter rewinders
  • Fully automatic pope winders
  • Inspection or “doctor” machines
  • Spooling machines for sealing strip.

In addition to slitter rewinders our portfolio is completed by “doctor” or “inspection” machines, fully automatic “pope”-winders for printing or laminating machines, which ensure reproducible, continuous winding at high speed, as well as spooling machines.

All-rounder for the liquid food aseptic packaging production

In the processing of liquid food aseptic packaging materials, in addition to a high productivity level, the water and airtight sealing of the material is decisive. During the filling process of the packages, no fluid or air must permeate the splice.

For this purpose, the T 2, one of our renowned slitter rewinders for the liquid food aseptic packaging industry, features innovative mechanical construction, high-end hardware and a user-friendly software. The machine is equipped with a thermo-welded splice table that grants perfect and repeatable seals with adjustable inclination and calibrated overlap, as well as the option to add a sealing strip on the rear side of the splice.
Moreover, all GOEBEL IMS slitter rewinders designed to process aseptic packaging materials are equipped with a specific slitting unit which drastically reduces the unwanted production of dust in the slitting process.

No problem with heavy material weight or telescoped rolls

The relatively high weight of the finished rolls required by the liquid food aseptic packaging industry is not compatible with manual handling: this is why GOEBEL IMS offers several automation features as a support to the operator. The fully automatic downstream handling unit for finished reels handles the loading and extraction of winding shafts, the tilting of individual reels on a conveyor as well as stamping of splice positions on the side surface of the finished reels.
The T 2 also allows rewinding original full-size mother rolls. With a forward/backwards rewind function (“doctoring” function), manufacturers of liquid food aseptic packaging materials can also remove defects and align telescoped mother rolls.

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