Market leadership through quality and longtime experience in the tobacco industry

GOEBEL IMS is the only port of call when it comes to the latest slitter rewinders for the tobacco industry. Over many decades major international cigarette paper manufacturers have been relying on GOEBEL IMS’ state-of-the-art technology to convert cigarette, tipping and plug-wrap papers.

Customers who have been with us for many years confirm our machines’ absolute precision, top bobbin quality and outstanding reliability in the production.

With our product portfolio the following papers can be converted:

  • Cigarette paper, including LIP (Low Ignition Propensity)
  • Cigarette paper type
  • Tipping Paper
  • Plug-wrap paper
  • Papers with tobacco fibers for special applications.


Our innovative slitter rewinders process all types of cigarette and tipping papers. Due to their material-specific characteristics, among others air permeability and porosity, cigarette, tipping and plug-wrap papers need special care and handling in the converting process. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that cigarette paper producers and converters are supplied with a slitting and winding solution tailored to their needs in order to avoid damages to the sensitive paper slit edge.


Thanks to our profound knowledge of the cigarette paper industry and our distinct technical expertise, we at GOEBEL IMS develop slitter rewinders that are ideal for the production of narrow bobbins. The unique slitting concept guarantees perfect bobbin separation.

Especially for printed tipping papers high optical standards have to be met. Based on this knowledge and with the aim to achieve high quality finished products, GOEBEL IMS guarantees a very high print-to-cut accuracy for printed tipping papers. Thanks to the highly sensitive pressure and web tension control we can guarantee best quality and excellent separation of the finished bobbins.


The specially developed ergonomic machine design reduces maintenance and set-up times.
Our engineers are aware of the need for production optimization in the tobacco industry and have therefore designed each machine to provide maximum flexibility and productivity in the converting process. GOEBEL IMS slitting and winding solutions enables to quickly adapt to changing expectations along the entire value chain.
We offer numerous additional automation options to increase productivity even further, including automatic sealing of bobbins with hot glue or automatic feeding of wrapping paper. On customer request, the machines can be equipped with automatic handling and transport systems, for example for unloading the finished bobbins with transport trolleys or stacking the bobbins on pallets using an integrated robot system.

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